Monday, March 13, 2006

Reclaim Your Health with ph Miracle Living

What is The ph Miracle?
Dr. Robert O Young discovers that the pH levels in our blood and tissues significantly affect our health. The body, like the universe, operates by keeping opposites in balance. When imbalance occurs, we get signs of disease: low energy, poor digestion, excess weight, aches and pains. "The pH Miracle" is a phrase that has been coined by Dr.Robert Young. It is what best describes his program for alkalizing and energizing the body back to health. In THE pH MIRACLE, the Dr. Robert Young demonstrate how the pH balance in our blood and tissues-the balance of acid and alkaline-affects our health, and how to keep it at the proper levels.
A pioneer of analyzing living blood cells, Dr. Robert O. Young was fascinated with the striking visual differences between diseased and healthy cells. Under the microscope, unhealthy cells appear dark and misshapen. Healthy blood cells, however, are round, vibrant in color, and practically glow in comparison to diseased cells. What creates this contrast?
What is this nearly tangible inner light? An answer began to form through years of research, and Dr. Robert O. Young found support for his studies in the findings of several American and European scientists
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Is man a meat-eater or a vegetarian by nature?

"The intestinal length of carnivores (meat-eating animals) is three times the body length to allow for quick removal of flesh wastes that putrefy in the intestines. Man's intestine length, like other herbivores, is six times his body length and is designed for digesting vegetables, grains, and fruits."